Crying Call

call made when you know that you are unlikely to win Singapore casino free bonus. It’s easier to make a climbing call when you’ve already invested too much chips in the pot and can’t get off the game.


A state in which cards with consecutive numbers are available.

Community Card

A centrally placed card that players can use in common. It’s all face down at first and turned face up as the game progresses.

Continuation Bet

To claim the strength of a hand by betting preflop even though the hand has not hit the community card.


A type of betting action, betting the same amount of chips as the previous player.

Cold Call

A player who has not committed to the pot in a betting free credit no deposit singapore round calls another player’s raise.

Side Pot

A pot that occurs when multiple players with different amounts of chips go all-in.

Sunk Cost

A bet that cannot be recovered without winning a pot.

If The Sandwich Effect

position is in the second half, the action can be decided after seeing the actions of other players, so the idea is that you can participate in the game with a wider range of hands than the player in the first half position.

Third Barrel 

When the opponent calls to the second barrel and advances to the river, a further continuation bet is placed.

Sick Call

Calling with a delicate hand that is unlikely to win against the opponent’s bluff. Also known as Tough Call.


A player who actively takes a bullish action that dominates the table.


Hands are exposed and the strength of the roles is compared.

Short Stack

A state in which the stack is small compared to the blind.


A table in which 3 to 6 players are participating.

Scare Card

A card that is likely to be the outs of another player.


A chip on hand.

Starting Hand

Two hands dealt preflop.


minimum bet amount.

Split Pot

If the strength of the cards is the same and the game is not decided, divide the pot between the players who have completed the strongest role.

Small Blind (Sb)

A position where you bet half the price of chips against a big blind.

Small Ball

A play style in which you can participate in many hands with a small bet and increase your funds.


To play a strong hand by intentionally making it look weak.


Cards with the same pattern are available.

Suited Connectors

A state in which cards with the same pattern and consecutive numbers are available.

Absolute Position 

The position when the order is according to the rules, starting from the “button” position.

Second Barrel

A et when a player who has placed a continuation bet on the flop places a continuous bet on the turn.

Set (SET)

A pocket pair plus one community card.


A bluff that is weak at present, but can be strengthened by pulling the outs.

Relative Position

A position in which an action is performed starting from a razor.

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